Analysis of indicators of quality seeds

Similarities and germination of seeds is an important indicator of their sowing qualities. Seeds with good germination and high germination energy during normal farming practices are always friendly and give full seedlings. Germination of seeds is of great industrial importance: it determines their suitability for sowing, the norms of their seeding.

Under the germination of seeds meant an amount of normally germinated seeds in the sample taken for analysis, expressed as a percentage. Germination germination of seeds is determined at their optimal conditions established standard for each culture.

Standard for high-quality and sowing qualities of seeds to the high demands of similarity standards. Seeds that do not meet the similarity requirements of the standard may not be used for planting. When sowing seeds with low germinative capacity decreases yield; such seeds is better to use for food and technical purposes.

Simultaneously with the similarity determined germination energy. Under the vigor that characterizes the friendliness of seed germination, is meant an amount normally germinated seeds for the period of time determined for each culture, expressed in percentage.

To carry out the analysis of seed quality indicators need to follow the recommendations for the selection and adoption of seed samples.