Our mission is to bring the contribution to the health and safety of the nation by providing our customers with high-quality laboratory and recommendation services to support the sustainable development of agriculture.


We strive to become a national leader in the agrochemical market research.

  • innovative approach

We see innovation as a process of finding unique solutions based on expert scientific approach, the introduction of new processes and the creation of new services.

  • Openness and loyalty

We offer customers maximum transparency and innovative solutions for the successful solution of their problems. Our goal – is to anticipate their needs and demands of consumers to make the engine to make decisions.

  • Honesty and mutual respect

Our style of work - is an open and practical attitude, which ensures openness and mutual respect. We adhere to the highest standards and principles of business ethics and working relationships.

  • Initiative and responsibility

We encourage progressive thinking, which is set on the optimization and improvement of existing processes, performance, focus on results and accountability.

  • Safety and Environmental Protection

Safety of working processes and the workplace - our priority. We do our best to adhere to the highest standards and safety requirements and environmental protection.