Agrochemical analysis of peat

Peat is a valuable natural material that has been successfully used in various fields, including in horticulture, vegetable growing and hothouse farming. There are several types of peat, but in everyday life are the most common: riding, low and riding neutralized types. Each of them differs from others in its characteristics, which in turn determines the scope of its use. Before the final choice of what type of peat is needed, it is imperative to conduct a chemical analysis of peat material, because the plants react differently to the acidity of the nutrient medium.

The rationality of using peat in its pure form as a fertilizer depends largely on the condition and composition of the soil itself. In some cases, its use is simply necessary, and others are prohibited. If the soil in your area itself is quite fertile and lethargic, then the introduction of peat as fertilizer will not benefit you. It is necessary to remember that only agrochemical analysis of peat, ensure its rational use, and as a result of obtaining high yields and profits. The quality of agrochemical analysis is influenced by the sampling method, we advise that you follow the instructions for self-sampling peat recommendations for self-sampling peat