Agrochemical analysis fertilizer

Chemical analysis of mineral and organic fertilizers is used to determine the quality of raw materials and finished products. For example, the importance of determining the amount of specific elements which are included in fertilizers. It is the content of the active substance per unit weight of the physical fertilizer and determines its cost and economic-useful value.

When planning the crop pattern it is important to pay special attention to the choice of fertilizers, as well as methods for their introduction and embedding. At this time, it is important to define the basic content of nutrients in the soil and make the necessary amount of fertilizer (knowing a significant number of them active ingredient). Do not forget that a significant role in the amount of active ingredient in fertilizers play their storage and transportation to the final consumer.

A prerequisite for the acquisition of mineral fertilizers is to introduce the quality certificates of the purchased products and, of course, buy them from reliable suppliers (and in case of doubt as fertilizer it makes sense to analyze them using the recommendations on self-selection of the sample of fertilizer).